Teaching Finance and
Accounting to Students
Provides Numerous Benefits


Financial literacy

Students will learn about various financial concepts, such as the time value of money.

Money Management

Money management

Students will gain a better understanding of how to allocate and manage their money.

Math Skills

Analysis Skills

Finance and accounting involve mathematical concepts and calculations.

Cracking the Code to Financial Literacy

The Curriculum Is Designed By A
Harvard MBA Alumni and
25 Year Hedge Fund Veteran

A strong introduction to the principles of business and investing will have a profoundly positive impact on long-term financial well being.

The development of critical thinking and decision-making skills greatly improves cognitive development.

The program employs a case study approach to the lessons, with the aim of making the lessons relatable, relevant, and engaging.

Finance and Investing

Two semesters per school year with one hour class per week, for a total of 8 classes per semester.

A Little Knowledge Without Wisdom can be a Dangerous Thing

The curriculum for Learn
Wall Street was designed
by Raji Khabbaz

The curriculum for Learn Wall Street was designed by Raji Khabbaz

Raji Khabbaz began his career as an investment banking and merchant banking analyst at Morgan Stanley and Gleacher & Co. After graduating from the Harvard Business School, he embarked on a two and half decade long career as a CEO, CIO, and portfolio manager at a number of hedge fund companies:

Co-Founded Highline Capital

The firm managed long/short equity hedge funds, focused on special situations

Co-Founded Pierce Street Capital

The firm managed low market exposure, long/short equity hedge funds.

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