Program Benefits

Teaching finance and accounting to students provides numerous benefits, as it helps them build essential skills and knowledge for their future.

  • Financial literacy: Students will learn about various financial concepts, such as the time value of money, risk and reward and investing, which will help them make informed decisions about their finances as they grow older. 
  • Money management skills:  Students will gain a better understanding of how to allocate and manage their money. 
  • Analyzing financial situations and making decisions based on available data will help students develop critical thinking and decision-making skills, fostering a sense of responsibility and long-term thinking. 
  • Math skills enhancement: Finance and accounting involve mathematical concepts and calculations, which will help students improve their math skills and become more comfortable with numbers.
  • Early introduction to career options: Exposing kid to finance and accounting can spark their interest in potential career paths, such as entrepreneurship.
  • Appreciation of the long-term power of compounding capital.
  • Fostering a savings mindset for students. Develop a mindset that favors long-term financial security over short-term spending.